...and why we kick butt! We’re the hot sauce that adds a necessary kick. Converge Design Media Group, LLC is a one stop resource for high quality digital media production and interactive design services. We specialize in producing product advertisements, business profile films, short-format documentary & lifestyle films, fashion films and video lookbooks, music videos, and engaging media for the real estate and hospitality industries that showcase our client’s properties to drive sales and increase customer awareness. Through our interactive design and design consultation services, we design and prototype mobile application workflows, and produce rich web experiences that captivate through traditional and mobile platforms.
Marketing Services Strategy
As a strategic promotional partner, we look to utilize our expertise in identity branding, market segment specification, interactive design engagement, and commercial digital media production. Consider this our special spice blend. By application of each discipline in tandem, our goal is to drive valuable growth to our partner’s business objectives in three specific categories:
Giving you the reach
Value in making sure that you are visible to, and connecting with a core target audience group.
Making sure YOU look GOOD
We produce dynamic high-quality content that showcases your brand within an engaging package to entice new and repeat visitors
The Bottom Line
Ensuring that you see returnable value from your investment, while increasing foot-traffic across multiple promotional initiatives.
We work closely with our clients and partners to produce successful standalone projects, or promotional campaigns with a broader strategic reach by providing expertise in areas such as establishment of tone of voice, copy refinement, physical and virtual aesthetic, and complete brand identity definition across digital and traditional publication platforms.

Our Brands

Our interactive design segment, Converge Design Solutions™, initially founded by Darius Nathaniel and based in Downtown Los Angeles is an independent interactive, industrial, and media design firm that is determined to explore the outermost boundaries of creativity while retaining a solid sense of proven design fundamentals, intriguing personal theory, and artistic integrity. (Powerful introductions are often written after a few glasses of Pinot Noir. Fact.)
We Tell Visual Stories
Our film production ranges from short and long-form documentary and lifestyle content, to dynamic narrative short films, music videos, behind-the-scenes fashion films, promotional content for commercial properties, and product profiles. We offer production services for interview segments, sizzle reel editing, and promotional teasers. Regardless of which medium we’re producing, our digital media content is always seasoned with the tone of engaging cinematic content. We'll turn selling a single tube of lipstick into a dramatic short film. Doubting us? Watch here!
Progressive, Forward-Thinking Design
A true passion for design and all things creative drives an inspiration from a multitude of creative segments. This influence goes directly into everything the brand designs, whether it’s furniture accessories, interactive web experiences, or a client’s marketing & print material, a modern and progressive design approach and aesthetic remains consistent in everything produced. The appreciation for the meticulous details of design ensures that a cohesive, stylized signature is applied to every creative work. Play Zelda. Drive German. Eat Tabasco.
Our Clients & Partners

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