Who is Darius Nathaniel?

On one hand we have a designer, DJ, media producer, amateur chef, and music producer. On the other, we have an individual who's as passionate about the social climate of his city of origin as he is about all things creative. Someone with an equal concern for aesthetic and function. Music enthusiast. Motorsports fan. Foodie. Modernist. Self-taught creator. Los Angeles native.

Born with an interest in the arts from just about every discipline, his early beginnings were filled with an assortment of exploration into everything from tinkering with drum machines and synthesizers, to sketching and drawing comic book-styled art. With a musician for a father, his exposure to, and interest in a broad spectrum of genre played a pivotal role in significantly impacting his approach to sound and audio production in the years to follow. His sensibilities towards the world of modern architecture and interior design are undoubtedly the result of seasoning from a mother whose musings with interior decorating were always at the fore in the home. Fast forward to young adulthood when the world of digital art was introduced, and a reinvigorated element of interest was now a part of the mix.

Teenage years saw the introduction to beat blending and mixing on Technics 1200's, and a love affair was forever cemented. It wouldn't be long until Darius began to push his abilities musically and visually even further. After diving into digital tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Director, and HTML, he began early attempts at creating interactive art. Which soon led into an interest in designing content for the web. Partnerships with fellow DJ's progressed into event promotions which produced everything from underground warehouse events, to weekend-long dance events in the Mojave desert. Following further exploits into Flash animation and photography, he soon decided to turn his skillset into a lucrative venture by designing websites and flyers for clients, and thus, Converge Design Solutions™ was born.

The idea was always to develop into a multi-disciplined brand. Being an enthusiast and self-taught producer of creative media, there was never any internalization of reasoning as to why every personal passion couldn't be used as a tool to produce creative content. Flash animated websites progressed into motion graphics. Deep house mixes are often an adventure in sonic storytelling. An ardent interest in modern design transitioned into the development of a line of modern furniture accessories. Photography evolved into fashion film and digital cinema. The love for orchestral soundscapes as well as the rhythm of hip hop often combine in original and remix productions. And a true passion for the culinary arts regularly results in intimate dining events for close friends and family.

As a proud native of Los Angeles based in Downtown, his desire to create and contribute to the vibrant creative culture radiating from the DTLA community drives his ambition to continue to progress as a designer and content developer. Deeply concerned about the progression of the quality of content coming from his native city, he works tirelessly to be an advocate of positive modern living. He approaches each project -be it a restaurant photo shoot or an underground event- with the same level of personal affection and attention to detail. Continuously challenging personally, and always interested in pushing himself further, each endeavor continues to raise the standard of his brands' image. Undoubtedly there will be many more intriguing projects to come in the near future. A true Modern Male in its' purest form. Live. Love. Create. Converge.